August 2008

Bramble Bum Burner Forage

Decided to raise the spirits of some chums , so we had a sort of jolly hockey sticks outing cycling and foraging then cooking and laughing.

M 4 Matron

M For Matron

My Own Vietnam Jungle

My Own Vietnam

The Photostream

Daddy Or Plagiarism ?

Whilst exploring some really great old albums of mine , I noticed the uncanny similarity between
Dreams Never End By New Order [ 1981 – Movement LP ] and In between Days By The Cure [ 1985 – Head On The Door LP ]

Two great albums , check it out and tell me if I’m wrong.

All change on the look front as well.

The new ‘ Scruffy’ Look

To my dear friend Chakra , I send my love.


Sweet As The Moment When My Mediocrity Went Pop

A very important person in my life path to date , recently lost a friend who I happened to meet some years ago and we played and laughed and mucked about a bit but most of the fun was chasing Fir Cones.

So I thought I would just do what I do in my simple attempt to sum up the moment, primarily for her and her effervescent smile this blend is done for her best mate , with al the crap going on in the globe during the olympics , a supposed time of the word uniting.

This is something for him and the memory of her.

Kaycee [Fir Cone Memory Mix] has been added to this months studio work.

It sort of tells a story from Maoridom to England.

My Mum came up with the Jerusalem aspect , in a random moment.

The other tunes I was listening to when I last saw her on the lawn.

A reflection on a little life that made a HUGE impact

Devil Flower is just something that popped up.

So 2 new ambient mixes added.

Regular Readers & Beautiful Chums

I updated my software on my phone and lost all your contact details , phone numbers and addresses etc etc.

Please drop me an email, to massage my ego and show how much you love me. [ It’s all about me ].

Mail me at the normal address.

NZ chums thanks for all your love and lovely messages.

Muzza . Peace and love to you and I’m only guessing your pain and quite life is absolutely awful.

Huge Stan Hugs

August Playlist : Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Three mixes out of the stable at the start of Month.

On ” Something Old , Something New , Something Borrowed , Something Blue ” the opening tune is a complete re hash , of a track called God Given by Nine Inch Nails using all his original separates from his Masters, he releases them so people can remix them, neat.

Written in a summer rain downpour , so chilling was the general rule of thumb

NIN Vs Naive Zebra Vs KLF Vs FSOL Vs Lamb

I did really screw up the ending on it , sorry.

Holy Head Prix , is nothing special in my ears , It’s just telling a story , I’m out on it at the moment.

Etienne De Crecy Vs Tom Baxter Vs Gotan Project Vs Electric Soft Parade Vs The Section

Anyway I’m off into Hospital , yet again , to see if they can sort out the problem.