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Interesting Email News.

Something in my Flickr email box today.

Dear Naive Zebra,

My name is S!@£$$%%%% and I am the photo editor at a book publisher named Timber Press. The company is based in Portland, OR and specializes in publishing books for the home gardener. I have been collecting photos for an upcoming book on backyard berry growing.

Since the book is meant for the home gardener I have been searching on flickr for beautiful photographs of peoples gardens. I came across your stream and you have some very lovely images in your collection. I am very interested in the image of the black currant bushes taken in 2010 or similar images. I would be very interested in talking with you to see if you would be open to providing some of your photos for the book.

I do know that his email will most likely come out of the blue, but I wasn’t sure of another way to contact you. I do hope you might have a moment to talk over email and I can give you more information about the project and how we would potentially use your photos.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


SS!@£$$%%%%, Photo Editor

Timber Press
Portland, OR 97212

Always nice to get nice emails

Fakebook is dead.

I have killed my facebook account , for the coming future it was stealing my life.

My only contact is on my regular email or through here.

See no one blvd it could be done on the X.

Cycling may cause sex problems, expert warns

Cyclists could suffer sexual problems if they do not have the right bike, according to a specialist doctor.
Vinod Nargund, a surgeon from St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, said that cycling restricts blood flow and generates excessive heat. This could result in men having difficulty with erections.

Cycling puts pressure on the nerves which can also affect a man’s sperm.

More than 60 per cent of male cyclists experience genital numbness, according to Mr Nargund, a urology consultant.

He said: “The bicycle saddle makes contact where the nerves and blood vessels enter the back of the scrotum and penis.

“Numbness is common because the pressure of the saddle can impair the blood supply to this area. This can also affect the man’s ability to get an erection.”

Mountain bikers run a particular risk, as do those riding with too much pedal resistance.

Mr Nargund did not establish a clear link between cycling and male infertility, but said it is recognised as a possible side effect.

Cyclists must choose the right bike to avoid sexual problems, while a padded saddle and shorts are essential, he said.

“The male cyclist should know his bicycle well. An appropriate frame should be selected and adjustments made considering posture, height and balance,” Mr Nargund said.

Regular rest periods and cycling in a lower gear are also advised in the article, published in the online urology journal BJU International.

Sacred Path : Morning Star

1.8 East Shield – Illumination / Clarity

2. 4 Peyote Ceremony – New Abilities

3. 6 Sundance – Self Sacrifice

4. 2 Sweat Lodge – Purification

5. 1 Pipe – Prayer / Inner Peace

6. 26 Warbonnet – Advance