June 2008

Matrons Newest Recruit : Lives Local

Been busy over the last couple of days busying myself ready for today for Chakra’s Raised Bed.

But also get to show off my chilli studies.

Moist Chilli


Chilli Comparison

The one on the right grown inside and theone on the left outside, guess where they have all been moved to ?



Chakra Meets Matron

Chakra Meets Matron

Ready For The Off

Ready For The Off

Pleased As Punch

Pleased As Punch

MIni Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

My Butt's Bigger Than Yours

My Butt’s Bigger Than Yours

There you go Matron just for you.

Time for a bath.

Who is Westfalia ?

I now know it’s not Jidge.

George & Nicole

George & Nicole Pigeon


Climbing Courgette

Climbing Courgette

Elderflower Cordial

Bottled Cordial

Purple Sprouting Brocolli

Purple Sprouting Brocolli

Colossal Fennel

Colossal Fennel

Hungarian Wax Chilli Flower

Hungarian Wax Chilli Flower

When You’ve Got Elderflower, Flaunt It.

Breakfast went like this.

Breakfast Strawberries

Poppies Are Back

Poppies For Hx

Elder Flower Collection

The Raw Harvest

Elder Flower Cordial

The Cooking Cauldron

Elder Flower Cordial

Only 24 hours to rest and steep now , then it’s going to be strained off.

Reach Out & Touch Sentry

The birds don’t even bother with me now in the garden.

Photo only blogged , for Rick W.

See whilst I was on the phone to you I did indeed take photos.

Alert At Dusk

Keeping Sentry

Stop! This Fence is not Ready Yet!

Well after worked mucked me and several others about and took one of our days off away from us , to ‘ staff up ‘ so there staff could have the day off.

Beggar’s belief.

I should have been off from 0700 hrs. on Friday but as I had already made plans for the delivery of the fence panels , they had to go up.

Normally off nights I try and work through it until the evening so I get a sensible sleep, no chance this weekend, finished work then building fence with Papa Zebra until after midday , eventually sleeping at 1430 expecting to get up to an alarm at 1630 , it was only by chance that Papa Zebra popped in and found that I had slept through the alarm , so I was off to work in under 30 minutes thankfully I had done everything I needed to before I slept some.

Hell of a night, falling asleep through every break.

Back the next day and work continued on the fence, until finished.

Finally Done

The Corner

Hanging Gardens

From This

The Old Garden

To This , in one year.

Rear Garden

Very satisfying indeed.

Looks a lot smarter.

But eventfully I slept that night, and today Papa Zebra and I changed some panels before Hx noticed.

After I’d had a visit from from chums Nick , Nicky , Lara & Liam and providing them with some produce from the garden ,I ventured out into uncharted territory a Berkshire Garden centre on a Sunday, arghhh.


All I wanted was to get in and out , garden centres now are like shopping malls, clothing cafes , restaurants , food lines all before you get to the actual garden stuff.

I survived and plodded on with the fencing, I wanted to see what funky colours they had for fences that would be different , but sadly they were lacking , I fancies yellow or something bright for Winter when all the plants have gone, nix nada zilch, so I have plumped for a rustic green.

6 panels done 4 to go [ and that’s only on one side , my viewing side , forget everyone having and enhanced view , I get first viewing ] the rest will be done tomorrow after we have been to the recycling dump , never visit a local authority recycling site at a weekend , all the purple rinse brigade are out in force.

They have the whole week to do stuff, they are retired, so why wait until the weekend ?

Anyway there are before and after shots but the post comes before.

Matron & Hx , you’ll get the shots when I get the tme to upload them.


Off to put on the aftersun.


Been listening and working in the garden listening to this talented chap. Andy McKee

quite awesome

Salmonella Dub; Push on Thru [ Kiwi Dub ]

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