October 2008

You Stole The Sun

Your Money Is Worthless[Remix]


Very tiring couple of days, finished nights and then it’s been full on up until 0600 hrs. this am.

We’ve been sneaky and surprised Zebra Mum with a visit from our Dutch Family in honour of her 65th party.

All a bit cloak and dagger, but it seemed to go okay.

Sorry if the blog is sparse with photos and entries but I’ve been working on another job of mine that needed a serious overhaul.

Been getting used to new software and as a result created a new look smarter alumni website , which is on the off but needs tweaking and teasing yet to adds some more content.

Hope you’re all well.

New Job Application

Hello to Mr Saddleback, thanks for popping by.

At the time of writing I might just have managed to get this job application docket completed, it’s been written & read, re –written and re-read, signed in the all the right places, all the I’s dotted and t’s crossed.

It’s just got to be taken from here to there by hand.

One would never think that it was completed well within the time frame several days ago.

And this is only to get through the paper sift.

There may well be a board/interview panel of some sort to come after this.

I don’t know how many others have applied for the role.

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