August 2009


I studied it for ‘O’ Level at school about 26 years ago it was all about the politics.

But when I read it this time I was much more taken with the love story in the book between Julia and Winston.

Funny how the mind alters.

Sitting here listening [ Jason Mraz – The Dynamo of Volition : Thinking of Ty & Krazy J : You guys listen to it and see why it reminds me of being ‘ On A Boat ‘] to some easy vibes , watching the sun kissed sky coming to an end.

Thinking of my extra special chums , I am blessed with chums , but as most readers know my Iwi are extra extra special to me , and I miss all that gang every time I’m away from them.

I long for the day when I’m free from the tie of job in a crazy mixed up country and I can sit and reflect in ‘ The Tree House ‘ for however long I wish.

I never noticed Rab C Nesbitt was in this movie when I saw It, but the again he was not famous then.

Helo to people I know so v little about , but I spend my time chatting to you.

Chris & Heather.

Chris & S

Bottling & Brewing Update

Sunkissed Methgelin

Sunkissed Methgelin



It took 6 filters to get it this clear but it’s worth it I think, the spiced flavour is there still.

Bottled Off

Bottled Off

2 bottles, 1 Methegelin , 1 Mead delivered to Fizzgig for the first tasting , fingers crossed.

Kiwi Spinach Wine

I thought I’d experiment with the glut of my Native Kiwi Spinach plants

2 lb Spinach
3 lb Sugar
1 Orange [ Zested & Juiced ]
1 Lemon [ Zested & Juiced ]
1 lb Raisins

Boil off the spinach in a gallon of water , strain off the spincah and save for something else later in the day , rather than waste it , dissolve the sugar , and the juices and zest , then add the raisins.

Wait until it cools a bit then add the yeast and stand well back it’s very active.

Let’s see what it tastes like.

Kiwi Spinach Wine

Colour Colour Colour

Colour Colour Colour

Colour Colour Colour

Colour Colour Colour

All Gifted Away To People


Hello , newbiw and old chums.

NK , hope you’re still with me. Some new shots coming up.

I’ve at last provided my chums with their wedding photos, so that’s a relief I’ve had no feedback yet.

Apart from a little thing , that sort of made me feel fluffyish , they like mine and are not overly impressed with the ‘ Official Pro ‘ who made the bride look ‘ Frumpy’ throughout all the shots, doh.

Maybe mine worked because i told people to relax and just be them .

Subsource & Crew have already reaped the benefits from ‘ The Frame ‘ technique , something random I happened upon,

NK likes the idea and maybe take it on board for her skilled repertoire .

I may actually release some shots in the next couple of days.

Big hugs to Dave Otto , Nadia & crew and please sail safely home , I know it’s a BIG BIG job , but you’re skilled enough just behave and remember all your skills.

Last Tommy’s funeral

Harry Patch Funeral

I am the only one that got through
the others died where ever they fell
It was an ambush
They came up from all sides
give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
I’ve seen devils coming up from the ground
I’ve seen hell upon this Earth
the next will be chemical but they will never learn

Fakebook is dead.

I have killed my facebook account , for the coming future it was stealing my life.

My only contact is on my regular email or through here.

See no one blvd it could be done on the X.

A Study In Latex & Water

Woke up too too early today on my last day off. 0530

For once it wasn’t the builders outside my window.

But as it happened I received some messages from a smiley chum in NZ , but whilst I smiled , I was very disappointed to find out that none of my postcards I’ve been sending have even arrived , not one.

I even had one specially made , but it seems now it is lost .

So it seems that the sun has gone in but the drizzle will keep the crops moist.

Leaving me time to process some more of my chums wedding.

They are not likely to see the web , not on my part anyway , unless i can lock them down properly, what is it with people that think they have a right to see my work before my customers, ie. The Bride & Groom.

I may have worked out a nice presentation for them , but as regular readers will know , I’m the worst critic of my work , and I don’t take positive critique well , I never really believe that people really like my work , amateur that it is.

It’s tough , but I’m getting better.

Found out I have a new reader in the form of Naomi , who is a beautiful photographer.

She really know how to push the boundaries , I’m sure you’ll agree , but she likes some of my ideas , and coming from her , I’m chuffed.

What with her , Murray , Dennis & Mrs Pinks , I’m going to have to raise the bar a lot.

I did a strange sort of photo shoot yesterday with Alexandra , sort of experimentation in the sun.

It’s actually harder than it looks to get a balloons explosion caught on camera but after 3o odd balloons I managed to snap some interesting shapes.

I may put them on a triptych form for presentation sake.

As I’m typing I think I might actually show you the rough idea of the wedding shots, but heavily watermarked.

I may even accept some criticism.

It seems Tribe Zebra is on the up ish , all out of hospital and all seem to be healing well as to be expected.

Going to try a batch test first.

BRB. [ Be Right Back ]

0937 hrs
1700 hrs Btach Process finally finished.





Balloon 1

And some successful shapes.

Boom !!

Weird Shape



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