Hmm strange, when I was away my blog was getting spammed heaps all from Russia, since I’m back, no spam, all rather weird.

Anyway still plodding along, work is same old stuff, they’re being the proverbial pain in the rears that they always are and there is no news on my new job.

I’ d have thought it would all have been sorted and rubber-stamped and it would just be a case of a couple of days in the tedious cess pit of Lambeth before a relocation back to Victoria.

No chance.

They’re just being as pathetic as they have always been.

So I find myself passing the time writing this just to fill in the gaps.

My return took forever this time or so it seemed, the first flight was better than the first due mainly to the fact I swiftly adopted and adapted 4 seats and converted them into a small tent fro sleeping. LAX [Los Angeles] is ever a really bad place to be, useless staff, sub standard facilities and enduring their pointless procedures just to pass through in transit still annoys me.

Note to anyone that has the displeasure of travelling over to North Amoronica , avoid LAX like the plague.

Hopefully I will not have to go there again [All my dive gear is now housed where it should be, and will not have to be flown all over the place any longer and also it will hopefully assist it’s keepers for future events until my return].

Thanks to all my hosts for a great time.

Teams Porpoise Dive & Dive North as wonderful as ever. Thank you for having me it was great to catch up with you all after what seemed and eternity apart.

I promise it won’t happen again, you all know the reasons why it was so long since our last gathering and I know you fully understand.

To my new chums Janice, Rich, Jezza , Bex & Cam.

Nice to have made your acquaintance.

However on some other news whilst I was away , OGF has been in the wars and both he and Zebra Mum lost their holiday cruise , OGF has not been so clever and had to have a pacemaker fitted , he’s on the mend now though.

Cousin Piet and The Dutch Families , thanks for your get well soon requests.

2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. on 22 Apr 2009 at 3:44 am Porpoise Dive

    From team Porpoise – it was our pleasure and our loss to see you return!! Photos on way soon, love n hugs to all your family…..:)

  2. on 22 Apr 2009 at 3:45 am Porpoise Dive

    Oops!! I mean, our pleasure to have you once again in our family, and our loss at your return back to your homeland……. :/

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