Just discovered that …

Costoluto Fiorentino , the huge befsteak tomatoes are not really bush types but actually vine tomatoes that could extend for up to 4 feet.


A delicious Italian variety ideal for salads or cooking.

Tall, vigorous plants start to fruit early, and it’s a steady producer, cropping over a long period. Gives a heavy yield of huge, juicy, ribbed red fruit over a long season.

Brought to you from the gardeners of Florence.

Fat, red & ribbed, tall vine.

Note: This really is a very good tomato, with high yields of very big fruit. And others agree. In fact, those of you who read ‘Garden Answers’ Magazine may have seen a full page advert for a new ‘Miracle’ tomato last year, at the outrageous price of almost £4 a packet. If you read the small print you’ll see that the variety they were offering was actually ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’

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