Karma is Mightier than the Sword.

Not a lot going on today really.

The lovely Huxley was having a house clearout today, so she gifted me on behalf of my lovely old neighbours, who as it happens live in my old apartment a PS2 and loads of games.

The old neighbours work about 100 metres down the road from me now, so were every so happy to be gifted something so generous.

Thanks Hux, a very delighted family.

Made their day.

The studio under the stairs has now been relocated back under the stairs all the old computer stuff was starting to encroach on the living room so it’s all housed out of the way now , just a little rearrangement but it’s all sorted now.

Just got to get the internet connection back up and running on the laptop now.

Maybe it will kick in later , so I’m having to type this offline ready for a later posting.

Made some new horticultural chums today, the parents had been away in Malta and Sam [ Dad’s Parrot ] was being baby sat by Nicky and her family and by way of a gift and a little thank you , they now have have a selection of my recent crop of Tomato seedlings [ surplus to requirements ] and two chilli plants [ jalapeno & Pimentos to Padron ] and I’ve now been invited to a chilli festival with them later in the year down in Sussex and Nicky has offered to share here chilli jam recipe with me.

She has also been given the chance of having an allotment down the road in a couple of months and we have made sort of a loose agreement with plant sharing, nice lady.

I can’t see the purpose of trying to grow everything so we decided to discuss what each other is growing this year so I will hopefully be sharing some of my crop , with some of her crop.

It’s all about barter after all.

Let’s just see what will happen.

The parentals have come back from Malta and seem refreshed , so they were gifted some seedlings as well.

Mum struggles to cope with too much and has stated that she has more than enough to cope with now , but she was extra chuffed that she has managed to save some seeds form last years crop and managed [ well done ] to propagate some of the seeds from one of the toms she grew last year.

Still no decision on where I’m going on vacation to just yet.

2114 hrs.

Still no connection it does not look like I will get back online tonight.

TTFN. hope you’re all well out there in the ether.

Kato Junya San is unable to get time off , so I don;t know whether or not I will be able to venture down under this year.

Sorry guys , if the situation changes I will keep you posted.

HKH is there much to see and do in Honkers ?

Maybe Thailand , I really don’t know.

2317 hrs

Still nothing , apparently it will be sorted by 0130 hrs

0843 hrs

Still nothing

0932 hrs

Arghhhhhhh yet another phone call to Bangiastan help centre , fault in area until 1331 hrs.

Weird really considering that my parentals just down the road have a connection no problem.

1111 hrs

Still nothing , this is infuriating

1914 hrs

At last , been a thoroughly miserable day , no internet to research travel plans , [ although the parentals did kindly offer to let me have access there ] also lost TV/Radio , I know I don’t really watch it that much but even as ambient background noise , I missed it.

It was deathly quiet.

I wasn’t even inspired to remix anything.

Murray thanks for the Karma.

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