Silent Scream Part1


Finnish Broadcasting Company and French television channel Arte had started to produce a documentary about the situation of seals and porpoises in Baltic Sea. The documentary was supposed to deal among other things with the effect of global warming to these animals.

When the commission editors saw the rough-cut of the film they were shocked and stated that not even a second of the material was usable. They stated that “use of shock images and shock music” is absolutely not allowed in nature documentaries that are meant for family audiences and according to them the audience is not interested to see the damage people are causing to environment.

Because of the reaction from commission editors any use of the edition was strictly prohibited, the production ran out of money and was never finished.

These 4 clips from the rough-cut are the only evidence left of this massive film production.

The Opening

This opening scene introduces the situation of the seals when they have to (because of the lack of ice) give birth on land and the baby seals are in great danger to get sick, die and get eaten in the first days of their lives.

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