It’s back

Thanks to the lovely Fee , she’s had to resolve this whole sorry affair , I have binned Farce Hosts , absolutely useless in the resolution from start to finish.

I would not recommend them to anyone I know.

I just have to try and get everything up and running and get all my links n stuff back into play.

For some reason or other it’s not showing my themes up and even though it’s the latest version of WordPress on the server , it keeps saying I need to update , so something is not there just yet.

But at least it’s back.

I have emailed some of you re the reopening of Naive Zebra , so who will be the first here , I wonder ?

Bloggar has been configured , so even that works grand.

Things looking up , but I’m sure something will go awry it always does.

Bit of pain downstairs today of all days.

Got to to go back into MetHell today , it’s not the place I miss one iota , it’s some of the people there.

Things on the agenda for me , find a bloody NHS Dentist , I almost fell over when I went to the nearest on to to me to be told that to have 2 Crowns and a filling , wait for it £1130 , that’s almost three months mortgage.

Sadly there is a failing in the NHS over her , the amount of NHS dentists is on the decline if you can find one at all , but that’s a hell of a price to pay for going to the dentist having lost and swallowed your fillings.

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