Sweet As The Moment When My Mediocrity Went Pop

A very important person in my life path to date , recently lost a friend who I happened to meet some years ago and we played and laughed and mucked about a bit but most of the fun was chasing Fir Cones.

So I thought I would just do what I do in my simple attempt to sum up the moment, primarily for her and her effervescent smile this blend is done for her best mate , with al the crap going on in the globe during the olympics , a supposed time of the word uniting.

This is something for him and the memory of her.

Kaycee [Fir Cone Memory Mix] has been added to this months studio work.

It sort of tells a story from Maoridom to England.

My Mum came up with the Jerusalem aspect , in a random moment.

The other tunes I was listening to when I last saw her on the lawn.

A reflection on a little life that made a HUGE impact

Devil Flower is just something that popped up.

So 2 new ambient mixes added.

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