Easy, Cider!

Easy Cider

Because the garden is running down ish , I will have to think of another job to entertain myself so I started this project.


1 One Gallon Demijohn (sterilised)
1 Bung with an air lock
4 One litre plastic bottles that can cope with pressurised liquid!


One Gallon of apple juice (I’m using 5 one litre cartons)
Ale yeast (or other yeast, wine yeast may make the cider very dry, bread yeast could be tried)


This is what I intend to do, feel free to add suggestions or try something else!:

1) Sterilise the demijohn. Add 4 litres of apple juice to start and half a teaspoon of yeast. This should give enough room for the initial fermentation. Add a bung with and air lock and leave somewhere warm.

2) After initial rapid fermentation, top up with more apple juice and leave with the bung and air lock to almost work its way out.

3) Bottle and leave somewhere warm to finish fermenting and then leave to settle for a couple of weeks.

4) Then drink!

Notes: Dead rats optional!

Also on the menu today

Geralds Tomato Sauce

Geralds Tomato Sauce

6 lbs Tomatoes
3 lbs Sugar
2 pints vinegar
1 lb sultanas [ I used mixed fruit with cranberries etc ]
1/2 lb garlic
2 oz ground ginger
1 oz red chilli
1 oz salt

MY variation changed the dried fruit fro whatever dried fruits and trail mixes i had in the cupboard and I used half a pound of lazy garlic and ginger paste from my local Nepalese shop. I could not be bothered with all chopping and peeling an wasting stuff.

And I used up some of my Scotch Bonnet Peppers instead of bland shop chilli.

Instructions .

1. Chop Toms

2. Mince garlic , chilli & dried fruit in blender until into a paste.

3. Boil Vinegar & Sugar.

4. Add ingredients and cook until reduced to a deep brown ketchup colour , bottle.

Ginally I made a fiery hot sauce only for the brave

Pirate Pepper Sauce.

6 oz Chilli [ 6 oz Scotch Bonnet chilli would be off the scale , so I used just 6 ]
6 oz Onion
4 oz Apple
2 tsp Mustard
150 ml vinegar


1. Chop and mince onion and chilli together.

2. Sweat the mix off in a little oil , i used a blend of hemp and olive.

2. Add the chopped peeled and cored apple.

3. Add mustard & vinegar.

4. Reduce until nice paste , then smooth with blender and bottle.

2 Responses to “Easy, Cider!”

  1. on 21 Oct 2008 at 5:08 pm kinkyjinks

    So did the cider work? Oh yeah hi…I fell here from Matrons site 🙂

  2. on 22 Oct 2008 at 11:07 am Porl

    It’s just settling a going lovely and clear

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