An Autumn Day At Wisley

The operation was planned at 1030 , RVP @ Midday , all good I thought until I tried to get into Wisley , hell there are a lot of cars , it’s an Autumn Food Festival at Wisley and all the coffin dodgers are there purple rinses et al and smelling of Yardley’s Lilly of the Valley , or Tweed.

I was to have a clandestine meet with Matron and the plan was not to be noticed, so I wore my hoodie.

A Hoodie At Wisley

All good .

No one noticed me so far.

A little time in the huge orchards amongst the windfalls.


Do you think anyone will notice ?

Is That Hoodie Hiding Something ?

All going well , then busted , I had to do a line up with the usual suspects. Elvis & Keyser Söze [ and now apparently Her Maj on Elvis’ left – well spotted Matron ]

Suspect Line Up

Apparently the DNA gave it away.

A CSI Job Perhaps ?

I have been sentanced to giving guided tours to the purple rinse mob.

Cheers Matron

Matron & Me 2

Full photo show is here.

2 Responses to “An Autumn Day At Wisley”

  1. on 17 Oct 2008 at 6:11 pm Matron

    Er.. actually if you look at the “usual suspects” you are pictured with none other than HM The Queen… it might well of bin er wot stole your game pie mate!

  2. on 18 Oct 2008 at 7:26 am H


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