Full Stem[sic] Ahead

The garlic are off and running in their recycled paper coffee cup pots.

ALBIGENSIAN WIGHT – (allium sativum – softneck). A large white garlic from South West of France. Grown here for the last seven years producing large bulbs, ideal for aioli and substantail cassoulets. Plaited “tresses” make a classic souvenir for tourists to the South of France. The garlic of the Cathars, 13th century heretics. Autumn plant for the best large green bulbs in early June or dry white and purple garlic the end of June.


IBERIAN WIGHT GARLIC – (allium sativum – softneck). If you want large bulbs, these are for you. Originating around Cordoba in South West Spain. Exceptional size and quality from Autumn and early Sping planting. Can exceed 5"/120mm. Large fat cloves with gusto suited to cassoulet and bouillabaisse. Keeps until December.


Trays Of Garlic

It may seem a lot 140 odd garlic plants from all the cloves , but I’m hoping they will help towards keeping the bugs away , as well as being good eating.

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