How To make Plant Tea ?

Bored now, snow stopping play.

I thought that after the first lot had gone that would be it , but it’s started all over again.

Bored Now - Snow Stops Play

Bored Now - Snow Stops Play

Chop up a mix of soft hairey and leguminous [ Docks , Comfrey , Nettles & Clover ]

Put into a bucket / receptacle until 3/4’s full.

Cover leaves with a mixture of one part animal urine to two parts water [ or just water ].

Add a pinch of ash , and stir.

Cover and leave.

Stir regularly until the leaves have rotted down , which may take a few week. You’ll know because the pong will be strong. So best to store it away from public areas. Remove the leaves and add to the compost heap. I use comfrey which are great activators for breaking down compost.

Cover the liquid and leave in shade for 14 days.

Dilute the tea [ 1 part tea to 2 parts water ] and feed your garden.

Not best poured onto leaves but at the base of the plants.

Bored Now - Snow Stops Play

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  1. on 06 Feb 2009 at 1:55 pm HHx

    So where do you get the animal urine from…..? WInk.xx

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