Propagation & Procrastination

Let Building Commence

Well, my Clematis [ Clematis chiisanensis ‘Korean Beauty’ ]seeds have popped up and so have my edamame seeds so I will need to get them into their own pots soon.

Having just tried to find a link to to show you what they look like , I’m shocked to see that sell at £4.00 each when only in small pots, well , I hope my 40+ grow , i could have a little bit of a gold mine to help off set the costs of running the garden , and help pay for other projects.

Now that’s a good return

The Garlic seemed to have weathered the bad weather and the rhubarb has kicked through bringing a much need mass of colour in an otherwise gloomy garden.

Cheeky robin has well and truly established a home in the pergola, who knows maybe I’ll have some hatchlings this year in my little bird box that was used last year.

One thing I learnt from Zebra Father that , it’s essential that you clean out the bird boxes after the residents have left for the season , to increase the chances of new visitors.

It all adds to the hustle and bustle of a happy garden.

I need to do things , I’m feeling creative and i feel i need to build something today, who knows what ?

Procrastination , stealing the day away again.

I need to get some compost n stuff , but i need a huge bag so not relishing that on the Xtracycle.Not with my knee playing up anyway.

So maybe have to come to a compromise with my housemate in case he’s going that way and ask to share a lift to collect some.

1308 hrs

Noe this is a really good practical idea for wide loads on The Xtracycle

1808 hrs,

I have indeed been creative and constructed some cloche’s out of an old recycled bunk bed and some water piping.

Let Building Commence

Let Building Commence

Let Building Commence

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  1. on 13 Feb 2009 at 9:24 am ScubaNinja

    Good work!

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