Hot Apple And Chilli Jelly Recipe

This is the latest one out of the world that is my head.

An adaption of this Hot Crab Apple And Chilli Jelly Recipe.

Using my new bargain of a juice extractor / steamer , reduced from £80 to £20 , i tried it out today , with some advice from Matron.

The first thing i managed to whizz up was Raspberry/Blueberry & Elderflower Cordial , it looks a most amazing colour , you get the initial hit of the blueberries and then the whoosh of the raspberries, so , I managed to make up 1 1/2 litres from the last of gatherings from last years harvest in the garden

Summer Berry Cordial

Rather than waste the residue another experiment of making fruits strips , you know the really expensive pieces of nothing that you see pushed in ‘ Health Food ‘ stores .

Let’s see how it works , my housemate does not do sweet things so I’ll have to wait on the chief taster and tester ,Fee.

Being a tad chuffed with my first batch of juiciness, I went out and located some bramley apples and again some of my Scotch bonnet chillies from last year , I am now as I type running off some Hot Apple And Chilli Jelly utilsing.

Hot Apple And Chilli Jelly Recipe


1200g of Bramleys , sliced unpeeled and ore’s thrown in , washed and chopped
35g of mixed chillies, washed and chopped with seeds in { Note i doubled the the Apple amount and halved the chilli due to the strength of the Scotch Bonnets }
1 lb of demerara sugar

Chucked half the apples into the steaming pan , half the sugar sprinkled on top , all the chillies chopped another layer of apples and the reminder of the sugar.

And waited.


Assorted Chilli

Sprinkle Over The Apples

Juice Collector Setup

Add More Apples And Sprinkle Again With Sugar

Ready For The Run Off

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  1. on 16 Feb 2009 at 9:01 pm scubagran

    hey there, lovely scrumptious & warming!! yumm, mouth watering stuff this, I need some advice, but the above email won’t be active until 5-10 days, so can still use the old one for now…are you home?

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