Ipipiri – Arrived Back Safe & Well

My mates that brought Ipipiri from Hobart [ Tasmania ] to Opua [ NZ ] are back safe and well.

With their new cruiser.

Boat looks nice.

Welcome Home.

Fakebook is dead.

I have killed my facebook account , for the coming future it was stealing my life.

My only contact is on my regular email or through here.

See no one blvd it could be done on the X.

Obviously Getting Warmer

As I sit here now in the house , watching the rain drip down the windows.

I was pleased to find some really good footage of the Basking Sharks gathering off the South Coast Of England already.

Basking Sharks 2009 from Dan Burton Photography on Vimeo.

A new product I picked up recently in NZ whilst diving, kayaking & fishing was my solar powered cap.

2C Solar Powered Hats

Free Vegetable Planner For USA / Aus & UK

For thosew of you that read this all over the globe found this handy site that will assist in planting crops etc for your places in then globe.

Scuba Ninja : Yours is located here [Ninja Garden Diary]


In other news my Chums Subsource are gearing up for a release of a new single , available.

The D Track ” Bows and Arrows ” is all about the The Coconut revolution , the first truly eco revolution against major companies.

You can hear their interview here and go to about 2.12 into the show

Angry Kid or Objective Child ? You decide.

And below is the latest vid from Mike mate the captain of ‘ The Warrior ‘

His blog is on my blogroll.

Scuba Gran & Scuba Ninja.

Just thought you might like to see what he’s up to.

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