Well let’s see how this works.

I have unpacked some more stuff and found my pocket p/c, so I will be back to blogging as I used to, all over the place as and when I want to.

Slowly getting there, I haven’t used it in ages, so I’m having to relearn stuff.

It’s taking a bit of time but hey ho.

Nothing much else going on at the home front , just a little re-potting of some of last years surviving chillies into a trough .

Some of the seeds have started to germinate , so that’s all good.

Black beauty aubergines and cherry tomatoes have popped up, some early peas and garlic have been planted out as well.

Still nothing coming through on the sweet basil front, but the sycamore seeds are going strong, not sure if the purple sage is striking or not.

I have clipped the bottom of some cuttings and dipped them in rooting compound and they seemed to have gone all droopy.

Tweaking some new music stuff and I’m going to have to plough through them all, to give them a good listening to.

1644 hrs

Updated some new SPB software on the little fellow now, and it seems to be user friendly.

Still not finding any inspiration for photographic work, sorry for those of you that like viewing , weather is not that clever outside for anything worthwhile .


Finally filled an entire external HD with sounds , hasn’t done badly though.

Best I make a backup now

How many days is that going to take ?


Kill It , Cook It, Eat It

On again , essential viewing , on where and how we obtain our meat products .

It’s rather ironic that some people squirm about where their food comes from.

They are more than happy to eat the products in their homogenised form of chops and prepared joints for cooking off, but don’t like the idea they used to trot around paddocks and flutter their eye lashes as they lived their lives.

The ultimate hypocrisy.

BTW Juno – before it’s released , good chick flick but great soundtrack.

I enjoyed it and not a lot of modern movies do entertain me anymore and this one kept my attention .


Sorry I never finished and posted yesterday’s entry , became engrossed in the tube of doom, Ramsey’s Nightmare’s popped on.

He’s moved the idea to ‘The States’ now and ripping them up.

Entertaining. Do you get this show down South ?

Not a lot going on today. Sowed 3 types of chillies today.

Ring of Fire [ Hot ] , Cherry Bomb [ Hot ] & Pimientoes De Padron [ Mild ].

I thought seeds were black, brown or cream , the Padron seeds were green/blue , well it was weird to me.

I’m hoped that some will be keepers [ for myself ] and some will kick in for the April wedding favor’s for my chums.

Who can tell ?

Tomorrow I have to venture back to methell south, I’m hoping all my leave will be granted , but i’m not holding my break . It’s been 2 years since i’ve had a property vacation.

Last year was spent sitting on my old roof waiting to purchase this new home.

This year I have the time but….. I’ve got to get some expensive dentistry to be done.

Mother has just called to suggest getting it done overseas as part of a package deal , holiday and cosmetic dentistry all in one.

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