Hates This Season

Wishes his iwi safe times.

But maybe just maybe he’s fallen for a smile.

I wonder if they need any deck hand bush craft chef’s in their life ?

I’ve had enough of my job now, I really have, one of the only people I’ve ever had a common affinity with in my place of work is seriously considering throwing in the cards.

The petty bureaucracy at work has taken a bad turn again but this time it’s extracting the urine.

The last surviving member of my old team maybe leaving and I don’t want to be the soul survivor.

I know times are tight but I really feel no affinity or loyalty to my current employer and have felt distant from their ways and means for ages now.

I don’t find myself having anything in common with the organization or it’s validity for even longer.

It’s become top heavy with non-entities, failures in service and standards seem to have been able to rise to the top, and I do draw the analogy with effluent rising to the top.

The sycophants seem to be kissing butt all over the place and the so called middle management do nothing, to champion their staff, if there was a vote of no confidence, I’d be at the head of the queue.

They really are pathetically weak.

In my life al; I can say is ‘ It goes on ‘.

I will endure it , because at the current time , no one at “Ascobury” supermarkets is taking any shelf stackers.

I will not be doing anything drastic but I ‘m a v fortunate position unlike many others in that my finances are good , maybe a home study course in organic gardening.

I will leave it to my ‘smile’ to train me in being crew

In the meantime it’s back to being a hippy planting stuff.

Thanks to Matron for my Rhubarb [ NB not around for at least two years for those that want some of my produce.

In the meantime , please excuse the religious types for hi jacking , the pagan festival of Yule and I wish you all a happy Solstice for the weekend.

No cash or wrapping paper required , just a seasonal greeting

2 Responses to “Hates This Season”

  1. on 20 Dec 2008 at 6:03 pm Matron

    Ah yes! Winter solstice. Do I have to sacrifice a goat or dance naked anywhere?

  2. on 04 Jan 2009 at 11:25 pm kit


    {—- 🙂 —-}


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