Grapefruit Guzzle

145 ml / 1 Pink Grapefruit
80ml / 2 Oranges


At the moment and for the last coming , I’ve come to the cold reality that I will not likely being doing my complete 30 years in my current employment .

Britain is broken, my job is directly impacted by this very fact.

It’s very much the case of the tail wagging the dog.

Hopefully there will some good and positive news in the next couple of months.

Fingers crossed.

I feel very badly let down in my current employ, the role was completely over sold and it’s failed to live up to the advertised position.

The junior management are so very very poor at dealing with even the most evident inappropriate behaviour and I saddened that good manners is not high on their agenda.

So when I addressed the issue to a very sub standard member of staff , they failed to deal with it whatsoever .

I’m watching the clock when I’m at the office and the calendar when I’m at home , longing for the day to be free of these shores , the place of my birth but one which I cannot wait to see the back of.

It’s become a human landfill .

Getting Ready For Tennis

Getting Ready

Day Out In Wimbledon

Nice afternoon out with my old team for cold beverages in the sun with some snacks thrown in to keep us going , we were only meant to be out for a couple of hours ,but my Bro and I finally cycled home at 0030 hrs , and sleep.


Rainbow Warrior / Seal / Nukatunga / Neptunes Garden

26m – 40mins

18m – 40 mins

Diving with Seal .

F & S : Sweden :


Cathedral Cove / 2 Seals / Keyhole

42m – 35 mins

So many HUGE Stingrays , Clear Beautiful Water , Lord Howe Coralfish , Black Angel Fish , Blue Mao Mao

19m – 52minutes

Dive 100 for Bex


1 OWSI : 5 DM’s

SI: = Playtime with 2 Funky Seals

Rainbow Warrior / Nukatunga West

Warrior 26m 30- minutes

Robert ( French CMAS 1 * )

Nukutunga West 18 m 35 minutes

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