Celestial African Dust [ Senegal Mix ]

New One Out Of the Stable

Hippy Burpday Kate

Kiwi Smiles – Yay My Videos Work : Hoorah

Just had to tweak the video so now it fit’s hooray.

So now i’ve backdated another video here, from Dive Camp.

For My Lover Of Hobarts : Krazy J aka Janice L

Good Dub [ Krazy J Mix }

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady called Janice whilst on my travels these mixes are for her.

Dive Safe Smiler

Big love to Bex 100 [ back in UK ] and the lovely Jess G , congrats on your instructors.

TANGAROA – God Of The Sea – Tiki Taane

Dive Camp Day 3


And now you have a video

Before I Leave

For My Friend Jazz.

Oily Girls Is For Nellington Pinkington Esq and Philwil

Thanks to my bro I now have a studio on The IMac so DMG2 was the first one out of the blocks very poor effort but It was to see if and how the interface changed between the Windows version and the Mac DMG version.

Misha Mash Mosh ( teapot Mix ) was added pre attending my farewell drinkie poo’s in Farnham , with The Pink’s & Co.

Cheers guys.

Matron : Chin Up and Smile please my dear.

I see what I can ‘ liberate ‘ for you that’s from Kiwi Land

Coconut Revolution : The Video

Off to see Subsource for their single launch party.

I have found the video of the Coconut Revolution , the revolution that inspired Kimba , their MC to write the lyrics to Bows & Arrows.

I have just checked I Tunes and their new single has maxed the popularity rate , so i really really do hope this is the break they and their extended families deserve this break one of the hardest working bands i know that have yet to receive their Karma back.

It’s just 79p out of your life for the single but I know it willl mean a hell of a lot to them if you download it.

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