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TANGAROA – God Of The Sea – Tiki Taane

Hey World


Angry Kid or Objective Child ? You decide.

And below is the latest vid from Mike mate the captain of ‘ The Warrior ‘

His blog is on my blogroll.

Scuba Gran & Scuba Ninja.

Just thought you might like to see what he’s up to.

He Who Thinks Confusion Drinks Confusion

Life summed up in three words , it goes on.

Days off , I had so much planned and failed to achieve any of my plans.

Go to the tip to see if I could liberate some old front forks of a couple of dead cycles , for yet another project.

watch this space , i look at at the clock it states 1324 and what have I acheived today nothing yet again.

Hello to my newest readers Kitty Kat & Little Willie.

Kit is a long standing chum , who I had not seen for eons , her sisters wedding in fact.

Both who I saw yesterday as it happens , I just had to get out and do some head clearance and also to collect some essential help from Kit’s bro in law.

Thanks Huxley & Steve for all your help to date.

It’s a bit of a ride into Woking , my old place of residence but the weather held out.

I popped into see Kit and established yet another wonderful contact , lovely fresh pears and cooking apples that if I’d been on my Xtracycle would no doubt have been able to fill both my Freeloaders, it was a tough work out on the legs on the way home along the old canal tow path.

But the goods were delivered to a some what happy Zebra Mum.

26 Years Old Today

It was an ace tune , and maybe a foretelling of what the world SHOULD become.

This man then went onto to co-invent Software that every one now has in their phones, it plays their ringtones.

I remember sneaking out to see him in a gig , one of my first in fact.

And niow he’s a fellow blogger.

For My Mighty Web Mistress & Co

All of you going to to the Wet Fest that is Glasto this weekend .

Here’s one of my fave moments ever.

2002 – Orbital – Satan

And finally my cousins old PUB DJ’s now pull in a bigger crowd you may have heard of them.

I love the New Order Intro on this , infact it was that tune [ Temptation ] that turned me on to music and I remember coming back from NZ one year and sitting next to Peter Hook from New Order , whilst constructing a tune for Murray in flight. [ It’s yet to be published BTW ] , does Hookie get a production credit , nah.

They used to be known as ‘ The Dust Brothers ‘ at the Heavenly Social all those years ago, until some North American sub standard band complained , in case they were mistaken.

Ladies And Gent’s – The Chemical Bros.

NB : SPIKE – Sorry Kermit Sprungsteen moments , hope you enjoy Paris tonight.

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