Matrons Back

Jb’s back and doing his stuff after singing with Whitney for Mandela

Well what a complete waste of a day I’ve had.
I had to go into ‘ The Office’ to try and blag some essential equipment I need for a 1-day training course tomorrow.

Mine seems to have ‘vanished’ somewhere or other.

So I had to go into the place of hell, to see if I could blag some spares.

Spent the day in music with a new widget that works on the Mac that provides all the lyrics and artwork for my I Tunes library, adds another dimension to listening to the music.

Matron is back from her travels.

Welcome home.

Chakra is trying to get ‘ on the up;

Kurt M has cut off his mullet and is on the way up with his new family members.

HKH has become HugeInMumbai.

Glad you’re all well.

Everyone is prepping themselves for Old Boys already.

Good to see.

Brief update

Well gradually getting there on this Mac stuff, finally have an office on here of some sort, which finds me just dropping a brief note on here for you readers of blogs.

Finally finished my application for a new job, thanks to some sterling help from Spike & Windy.
Much appreciated.
Along with this project I have decided to overhaul the old DYRMS85 Class website and bring it up to date, so those readers who have photos and stuff hidden away in drawers, please feel free to mail me stuff, no matter how bad the haircuts.
Watch this space for a slicker less cluttered site.
Minimalism but clean and informative.
New member of the kite stables lost it’s cherry today, a Lime Green Pansh Spirit race kite, 5m, which plugs the gap nicely between the 2.5 Rage & 6.5m Pepper.
Initial teething problems of sorting put brake lines etc was followed by no wind or very little wind.
Hey ho us kiters are never happy.
All tomato crop has now been collected and processed away, so until next year, no growing progress photos.
Tweaked all my blueberry bushes into some nice shapes and hopefully it will encourage them to grow evenly.
Added three more raspberry bushes to my five first provided to me for nothing by my lovely web hostess and her hubby, I never realised they provide off shoots that pop up everywhere.
Delivered two trees, that I secretly loathed and eight strawberry plants to another to Mr & Mrs Dukie [yes both of them went there], her father was a teacher there. So they were very happy, it added to the other plants they had off me in the earlier part of the year. I was very jealous of their jalapeno’s which had done amazingly well outside of all places, whereas mine only provided some little seed capsules for sowing next year.
Home made cider doing well, the ASDA Cider is far dryer than the Lidl Variety, but both tasting scrumpy like..

Our Man In Mumbai [ And Family ]

Huge finally relocated safe and well , thanks for touching base Mumbai Man

Who is Westfalia ?

I now know it’s not Jidge.

George & Nicole

George & Nicole Pigeon

Message For Fexis In Sydney

Hello Matey.

Any chance you will be able to slowly scan in your old photos, that we chcukled through when I popped over.

I’m thinking the DYRMS85 Site need some fresh Stuff and Lofty Williams and others are desparate to see old nostalgic shots.

Hope all is well with your family over there.

DYRMS Reunion In Newtown

Harbour Bridge By NightIt is really hard to get a good shot at night on a moving boat.Opera House BY Night

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Cool And Moist

Cool And Moist

Aussie Photo Collection So Far

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