Matron Says Yes – I Passed The Taster Session

Thumbs Up From Matron

A Platter Of Preserves

Which One First ?

The season has taught me much , but Matron she say yes to my recipes.

People have asked what she was tasting , well , Pickled Peaches , Chillies In Vinegar , Green Tomato Jam , yes jam not chutney.

Sunset For Jackie P

Cake Baker Pops By

It’s The Weekend

It’s Sloe Gin Time Again : Not Cold Gin Time Again


Under A Blood Red Sky

Bottling & Brewing Update

Sunkissed Methgelin

Sunkissed Methgelin



It took 6 filters to get it this clear but it’s worth it I think, the spiced flavour is there still.

Bottled Off

Bottled Off

2 bottles, 1 Methegelin , 1 Mead delivered to Fizzgig for the first tasting , fingers crossed.

Kiwi Spinach Wine

I thought I’d experiment with the glut of my Native Kiwi Spinach plants

2 lb Spinach
3 lb Sugar
1 Orange [ Zested & Juiced ]
1 Lemon [ Zested & Juiced ]
1 lb Raisins

Boil off the spinach in a gallon of water , strain off the spincah and save for something else later in the day , rather than waste it , dissolve the sugar , and the juices and zest , then add the raisins.

Wait until it cools a bit then add the yeast and stand well back it’s very active.

Let’s see what it tastes like.

Kiwi Spinach Wine

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