I studied it for ‘O’ Level at school about 26 years ago it was all about the politics.

But when I read it this time I was much more taken with the love story in the book between Julia and Winston.

Funny how the mind alters.

Sitting here listening [ Jason Mraz – The Dynamo of Volition : Thinking of Ty & Krazy J : You guys listen to it and see why it reminds me of being ‘ On A Boat ‘] to some easy vibes , watching the sun kissed sky coming to an end.

Thinking of my extra special chums , I am blessed with chums , but as most readers know my Iwi are extra extra special to me , and I miss all that gang every time I’m away from them.

I long for the day when I’m free from the tie of job in a crazy mixed up country and I can sit and reflect in ‘ The Tree House ‘ for however long I wish.

I never noticed Rab C Nesbitt was in this movie when I saw It, but the again he was not famous then.

Helo to people I know so v little about , but I spend my time chatting to you.

Chris & Heather.

Chris & S

Catch Ya Later

Bro Town 2

Snow News

So It Began

Cold Ride To Work Today

Ahh don’t you just love it , a little bit of now , possibly the wrong type of snow and Britain well England comes to a bloody standstill.

It snowed a little last night by the way.

Snow Patrol

As my mate a nurse stated this morning .

I love the fact that I have got into work without any problems (apart from it taking a little longer due to having to drive a bit slower) in my Clio, yet the hospital car park is empty of most of the Chelsea Tractors [ ED- 4×4 Gas Guzzlers that ladies that do lunch in own ] as their owners haven’t ‘braved’ the roads.

Its only deep when they’re still finding bodies after three days!

Show Tunes

I’m looking forward to cycling to work , just have to take it a bit easy and leave a bit earlier.

Anyway these chillier days have allowed me to conjure up some comfort food recipes that are fairly cheap , seasonal , and filling , no preservatives or dodgy colours just good tasty grub.

So here for Stivs , Jun Ya & Co , The Kiwi Iwi are 2 new ones that my house mate approved of and consumed like a Dyson.

" You Looking At Me ? "

Mushroom , Stilton & White Wine/

Serves 4

50g / 2 oz Butter
1 Large Onion , Finely chopped
1 Clove Garlic , chopped
400g / 13 oz Closed cap mushrooms, sliced
700 ml / 1 1/4 pints Vegetable Stock
100g / 3 1/2 oz Stilton cheese , crumbled
1 Tablespoon Fresh parsley , chopped
200 ml / 7 1/2 fluid oz white wine

Melt half the butter in the pan , sweat the onion and garlic off without colouring and until soft.

Add about two thirds of the sliced mushrooms to the pan all of the stock then bring to boil , cover and simmer for about 20 minutes , stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat add the cheese and half the parsley , then stir until the cheese has melted.

Blend until smooth.

Meanwhile melt the remaining butter in a pan fry off the remaining mushrooms for about 5 minutes until lightly coloured , stir in the remaining parsley and set aside.

Return the blended soup to the pan [ I have one of those hand blenders so do it in the pan as it cooks , it always seems to work for me ] add the wine, season with some fresh black pepper.

Reheat gently , then stir in the fried mushroom and serve.

I know the Stilton may seem expensive but it’ makes the difference , i was fortunate to get some at a stupid price of 20p for 100g. hence that’s why I cooked up this one.

It could do 4 normal people , but I think one would be tight on the portions.

I think it does 2 [ allowing for a smaller second portion each if so desired ] as good supper.

So there you go.

Anyway Heathrow has now been closed , so has the airport behind me , it’s very quiet.

Better get some more snaps in.

My bro has just made a rather interesting statement , when will Christmas cards stop having snow on them and Easter cards start having snow on them ?

Pathways all cleared for my neighbours , stops them sliding about I suppose, and I have clearded off the bird feeding station so that the little ones can actually get some grub in today.

I do hope that the trains are running later , otherwise I’m knackered for my work.

I was going to post another recipe now that I have just finished and again it’s been given the housemate approval.

Home made baked beans , they may take some more time making but hell they taste a whole lot better.

Maybe i’ll do that on another day.

Birthday Weekend

Early Morning

Been away for my birthday , away to the country all with intention of getting some game pigeon and rabbit .

The Task At Hand

The Task At Hand

I ended up starting my chums veggie plot off , I remember the days of excess at birthdays and now we manage gardens , is it the new Rock N Roll ?

All Done And Ready To Go

All Done And Ready To Go

Some Snaps of the weekend.

Old Boys Reunion 2008

DYRMS Class of'85 (2008)

Less than 10 % made the effort, enough said

Just in from Dick Catt. For Dover Express

The weather did it’s upmost to dampen and detract from this Remembrance weekend, but had those being remembered decided the weather was too bad to defend us where would we be now.

So it was that the Old Boys (and girls) from the Duke of Yorks gathered to remember, with the first stop for many being Dover Rugby Club. For some this included pulling on the Duke of Yorks Rugby shirt for the first time in many years, unearthing the house socks, borrowing some boots and playing alongside old school mates and school legends.

Dover put out two sides an under 30’s and an Over 30’s to ensure their guests from the OBA had good opposition. Len Wilby MD of company “Lawmed Ltd” unveiled the new OBA over 30’s shirts, and although not playing himself supported from the touchline with many others. Dover RFC laid on a various curries with all the trimmings for players and supporters alike thanks to John and Carol Mercer, while Howard kept the lubricant at the bar moving.

There was a minutes silence observed between games, followed by some further tinkering with playing positions and personnel, and thanks to the latest kit sponsor.

DYRMS-OBA Under 30’s (21) -v- Dover RFC Under 30’s (13) Referee: Bryan Burr

The OBA side captained again this year by Andy Black ran out winners in a good strong contest with rolling subs ensuring all wishing to play were able to take part. This game ebbed and flowed, with some committed drives and some noticeable out of hand kicking, affording several the time to draw breath.

DYRMS-OBA Over 30’s (0) -v- Dover RFC Over 30’s (24) Referee: Ray Biggs

The OBA captained by Ian Kennet, in the absence of Dave Shott (who was called to duty and missed his first game in 10 years), were unable to overcome the Dover aged. This was a strongly contested game with some fine performances, but the OBA numbers were not as prolific and the odd spot of rust showed while their heart was without question.

Presentations were made by the OBA Committee member Andy Barlow, with the OBA U30’s regaining the “Remembrance Shield” and the Dover over 30’s laying claim to the “Armistice Shield” for the first time. John Redman was on hand to present the OBA over 30’s man of the match salver, presented in memory of Christian Redman (Dukie and Dover RFC player) who died in the Bali Bombing.

The celebrating went on well into the night and for many well into the morning. But as always I am proud to say when 10:15 chimed on Sunday morning, all were well turned out with only the faintest hint of fatigue being shown and fell in for parade. Respects having been paid at the war memorial the day concluded with another memorable service of Remembrance. The school chapel was full to overflowing and the cacophony of several hundred voices patriotically and movingly celebrated the memories of those who sacrificed so much for us.

Richard Catt – OBA & Dover RFC


Passion Print

TSL you should have some new ideas of where I’m going nowadays.

Check your inbox.

Any help with a Great Talkover for the intro will be great. Cheers.


Very tiring couple of days, finished nights and then it’s been full on up until 0600 hrs. this am.

We’ve been sneaky and surprised Zebra Mum with a visit from our Dutch Family in honour of her 65th party.

All a bit cloak and dagger, but it seemed to go okay.

Sorry if the blog is sparse with photos and entries but I’ve been working on another job of mine that needed a serious overhaul.

Been getting used to new software and as a result created a new look smarter alumni website , which is on the off but needs tweaking and teasing yet to adds some more content.

Hope you’re all well.

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