December 2007

It was a solitary endurance test

I loathe Christmas.

It’s nasty , nasty and greed filled.

The heating going has not helped.

I can not buy into this whole thing.

It’s been shit.

Solo , Cold & Lacking in all fields.

I never thought I would say this , I am looking forward to it being over and being back at work , it’s only a week until my op and I am sad to say a tad nervous and I would rather have sent it with my chums in the Bay.

I miss the all sooooooooooo very much and I would have loved to have hung out with my Dive Team.

Bev / Trev / Ty / Tim I love and miss you heaps.

I am sure you would all agree the sea let’s us get away from people and enliven our senses to real things.

I could not even face eating anything , I rolled out of bed at 110o and almost straight away I wanted to be asleep again and gettng up to go to work , and I hate work.

Thankfully it’s over , I hope all those sad idiots are going to enjoy paying off their credit cards.

I have ever looked at my watch so many times , hoping that it will be time to go to bed.

Sad but true/.

Thankfully I found pleasure in Kylie In Concert , the one solitary redeeming factor of a turd of a so called National Holiday.

My Tracks To Track @ The Moment

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
Duffy – Syrup & Honey
Adele – Cold Shoulder

Nothing To Get Excited About

The deep joy that is working in a supoty service , knocks any sort of pleasure out of this time of year.

Very rarely do I experience a peaceful time of year , it just never happens.

Music Music Music

Picked up a couple of new bands this weekend

Band Of Horses


Birthday Massacre

All differant but good sounds

And a band called the ting tings but I cannot find a link just yet ,

And someone from bloody Aus : Gabriella Cilmi

Still Annoyed

Naive Zebra strill offline and the cheek of it they sent me a bill today for their services or lack of it.