July 2008

26 Years Old Today

It was an ace tune , and maybe a foretelling of what the world SHOULD become.

This man then went onto to co-invent Software that every one now has in their phones, it plays their ringtones.

I remember sneaking out to see him in a gig , one of my first in fact.

And niow he’s a fellow blogger.

First Poaching

First catch poached from mum
Those of you that know me , know just how huge my hands are , so you can imagine the size of these whoppers.

And they taste awesome.

Then I decided to taste my first ‘ MILD ‘ chilli : Hungarian Hot Wax

They said it was mild

The pain was unbearable what the heck are the hot and very hot going to be like.

CBA Period

I have not blogged for eons , purely on the fact I’ve nothing to say.

I’m going through one of my , life is poo stages at the moment and I’m eating it’s sandwich , something I cannot really go into on here , but certain people I are know , have spoken to me about it.

I’ve not even been inspired to do any photo shots, and certain people have moaned about the fact they are ‘ bored with my chilli shots and need something else ‘I tried to go kiting today , weather not good.

So that got trashed .

So the hi-light , if you could even vaguely think that was siting on my patio floor , in reflection.

Not a good place to be , but it’s the best that I could even muster up.

I powered the recording studio up , and then promptly shut it down.

Cannot be bothered.

Just an all round negative vibe.

It’s the poo sandwich maybe.

I’ll get through it , it’s just tedious waiting for the clouds to clear.

Just finding it hard to focus on anything and see a shining light to it , even though i bumped into my best flat mate ever last night and saw my bezzie mate today and had the offer to chill with little bro, still wasn’t lifting the spirits.

I have these days , I just accept them and endure them

It’s far better than 6 months of rehab.

Poo sandwiches I hate them , but it’ll get better , won’t it ?

BTW : Is there a recipe for Soul Sushi ?

It’s That Chilli Feeling

Habanero Hot Peppers (Antilles Caribbean)

Habanero Hot Peppers (Antilles Caribbean)

Hungarian Hot Wax Hot Peppers

Hungarian Hot Wax Hot Peppers

They seem to be doing okay.

Outside My Window Today


Red Arrows


Trying To Get A Grip

Trying To Get A Grip

Cycling may cause sex problems, expert warns

Cyclists could suffer sexual problems if they do not have the right bike, according to a specialist doctor.
Vinod Nargund, a surgeon from St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, said that cycling restricts blood flow and generates excessive heat. This could result in men having difficulty with erections.

Cycling puts pressure on the nerves which can also affect a man’s sperm.

More than 60 per cent of male cyclists experience genital numbness, according to Mr Nargund, a urology consultant.

He said: “The bicycle saddle makes contact where the nerves and blood vessels enter the back of the scrotum and penis.

“Numbness is common because the pressure of the saddle can impair the blood supply to this area. This can also affect the man’s ability to get an erection.”

Mountain bikers run a particular risk, as do those riding with too much pedal resistance.

Mr Nargund did not establish a clear link between cycling and male infertility, but said it is recognised as a possible side effect.

Cyclists must choose the right bike to avoid sexual problems, while a padded saddle and shorts are essential, he said.

“The male cyclist should know his bicycle well. An appropriate frame should be selected and adjustments made considering posture, height and balance,” Mr Nargund said.

Regular rest periods and cycling in a lower gear are also advised in the article, published in the online urology journal BJU International.

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