June 2009

The Colour Of Sunset




Shattered Zebra

Shattered Zebra

Getting Ready For Tennis

Getting Ready

Happy Solstice

Dawn Solstice 2009

Summer Foodie

Green & Gold

Pear Cider

At last the labour is paying off , Pear Cider all bottled off and the first of the Courgette’s are blooming, nice colour I thought.

Day Out In Wimbledon

Nice afternoon out with my old team for cold beverages in the sun with some snacks thrown in to keep us going , we were only meant to be out for a couple of hours ,but my Bro and I finally cycled home at 0030 hrs , and sleep.


Freedom From Slavery

Hooray I’m free from mediocrity and away from a place that can only be described as the worst possible place; I’ve ever had to endure.

It’s the only place that I’ve been ashamed to tell them where I work.

Harsh but true.

Onto a new job and new ideas, it’s a change; so let’s see how it goes.

A few things in the pipeline, I’m off back to college, courtesy of my new funding agency.

Residing in a lovely hotel, with all the affluent types.

I’ll be Alan Partridge for a while or so.


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