September 2009

Got to Help My Chums Out – Subsource – The Reason [ Parasite ]

In 2005, a Cambridge educated British-Chinese science prodigy started to jam with an African superstar rapper from a Malawian hip hop crew. They’re joined by a Norwegian born multi instrumentalist from the famous Brazilian club Guanabara on guitar and synths. You know, the usual way a band forms.

With the addition of a Nu-School Jazz Breaks double bass player with Spanish heritage and a finished off with a Pink-born peroxide prodigy with a backround in multi-pinkalism and gas-mask screaming’!! d’n’b drummer who had worked together on a remix of “Monkey Magic”, Subsource was a band.

A series of successful and highly improvised live shows took place cementing the band as the live electro/breaks/d’n’b band. Tracks were commissioned for heaps of video games and live favourite “This Town” was picked up by Spin Out Records. Along with a Hook & Sling remix of the tune it was released to critical acclaim and sold thousands internationally following regular plays by the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Plump DJ’s. The source of the sub was beginning to growl…

The growl made some waves culminating in Subsource lead singer Stu Henshall working with The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett on pre “Invaders Must Die” writing sessions while the band began to develop a harder edge to their noise as they wowed festival crowds in 2007 at Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party and remixed tunes for Datarock, Parka and GoodBooks.

The following twelve months saw Subsource play shows in the UK, Berlin and Paris with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Hexstatic, The Egg and Ebony Bones. More festivals in 2008 at V and Isle Of Wight brought further media attention to the band and garnered support from influential XFM DJ’s Eddy Temple Morris and John Kennedy, the music magazine The Fly and K-Mag, the Metro newspaper and Radio 1’s Nihal.

Ridley Scott’s US TV show Numb3rs requested the use of an early track called “Parasite” while Sky Sports used the body shaking, dance infused anthem “Disarm” as the title music to their coverage of the World Freerun Championships.

As the album started to come together a new edge was found with tracks such as the sure-fire hit “Street Soul Music” and the epic, tense tracks “The Ides” and “Charge Me”. And then the icing on the cake, a re-written version of “Parasite” entitled “The Reason” began to make the summer 2009 festival crowds go crazy: insatiable fans ate glow sticks at Glastonbury, ADD kids started mosh pits in the Rock Sound stage at Guilfest and indie-folk fans chose Subsource over fellow headliner Laura Marling at Blissfields. The source of the sub had growled for long enough and was now throbbing with menace and intent.

The Subsource debut album “Tales From The Doombox” was finished and just needed the skills and ears of mastering engineer John Davis (The Prodigy, Pendulum) to conclude what could be the album of 2010.

And the unplugged version

Sunset For Jackie P

Cake Baker Pops By

It’s The Weekend

It’s Sloe Gin Time Again : Not Cold Gin Time Again


Sf Flght GmKB

We Want Your Soul

Johnny Zeebaa

Gem Kb & Johnny Zeebaa

Under A Blood Red Sky

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