October 2013

Hello Corn Chip

That’s all

Interesting Email News.

Something in my Flickr email box today.

Dear Naive Zebra,

My name is S!@£$$%%%% and I am the photo editor at a book publisher named Timber Press. The company is based in Portland, OR and specializes in publishing books for the home gardener. I have been collecting photos for an upcoming book on backyard berry growing.

Since the book is meant for the home gardener I have been searching on flickr for beautiful photographs of peoples gardens. I came across your stream and you have some very lovely images in your collection. I am very interested in the image of the black currant bushes taken in 2010 or similar images. I would be very interested in talking with you to see if you would be open to providing some of your photos for the book.

I do know that his email will most likely come out of the blue, but I wasn’t sure of another way to contact you. I do hope you might have a moment to talk over email and I can give you more information about the project and how we would potentially use your photos.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


SS!@£$$%%%%, Photo Editor

Timber Press
Portland, OR 97212

Always nice to get nice emails

Right let’s see how this goes

G’day all , ’tis me.

Trying a new way to blog , from the iPad.

To explain a little about recent events, people have asked me “who is Jonno ?” .

Well firstly he is known as Jonno or the ginger ninja, not Jon or Jonathan ( the name his parents spent hours deliberating over).

In the world of Zeebaa chums he’s a fairly new addition , but that does not dilute his importance.

So those regular readers , know me, ish.

So I am opening the floor to questions to Jonno.

This in order that you get a blog piccie of Ninja.

Please feel free to send questions to Jonno via the blog , the more the merrier and make them interesting.