Gardening Day

Started off with me lifting the last of the leeks and delvering to hungry mouths.

Today's Delivery Of Leeks

To make way for the asparagus bed.

Asparagus Bed

I also discovered my first casualty of the day, so now it’s war.

It's War

Matrons little Rhubarb plant she gifted has kicked in and is now huge.

Getting Bigger

Growing well.


The pollinators are loving the new flowers that have emerged in the garden from the strawberries and the PSB that has gone to seed, cheers for the tip Matron.


Second casualty of the day .

Garlic Rust

Garlic Rust. Damn , I knew it was too good to be true , although now having researched it , the bulbs are still all good for eating and stuff , just have to change the beds next year, Funny because I’ve only got it on the two crops at the front. Nothing has effected my rear crops.

A hoo rah moment.

I’ve got to some goosberries .


However I’ll think the plant needs to be stronger and maybe next year i’ll get some substantial amounts , no sawfly yet … touchwood.

Differant types of squashes going in this year

Courgette Crookneck

Crookneck & Long Sicilian White

Courgette Sicilian  White

When I got back from vacation , i found some mystery seed with no label on , so i thought i’d better see what it was , and took the plunge , it’s radish.

Mystery Seed ...... It's Radish

Anyway that’s about all for now laters.

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