Hello , newbiw and old chums.

NK , hope you’re still with me. Some new shots coming up.

I’ve at last provided my chums with their wedding photos, so that’s a relief I’ve had no feedback yet.

Apart from a little thing , that sort of made me feel fluffyish , they like mine and are not overly impressed with the ‘ Official Pro ‘ who made the bride look ‘ Frumpy’ throughout all the shots, doh.

Maybe mine worked because i told people to relax and just be them .

Subsource & Crew have already reaped the benefits from ‘ The Frame ‘ technique , something random I happened upon,

NK likes the idea and maybe take it on board for her skilled repertoire .

I may actually release some shots in the next couple of days.

Big hugs to Dave Otto , Nadia & crew and please sail safely home , I know it’s a BIG BIG job , but you’re skilled enough just behave and remember all your skills.

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