Exceedingly Good Borg

Yawn , started the day off with a good read from a chum who is travelling in a War Zone at the moment as an official photographer for an all female group of circus entertainers , bringing a smile to children to take their minds off all the death and destruction in their daily lives.

Dennis aka:: Borg is a relatively new chum on the block and is a part of Subsource.I met him last year at Ambient Picnic as a guest of the band and he is a thoroughly interesting chap.On first appearance he is a quite and very private man, but onstage all hell breaks loose and gives it large.

The video below will show you what they are like.

We hit it off chatting cameras and photography at a music festival and he took a liking to my super wide angle lens and at the moment it’s touring with him through Palestine.Looking forward to seeing the shots Den.So that’s my starter for ten.

A large double espresso , some vibes provided by Yazoo , Fat Boy Slim & Lenny K again and a good read.

A slight frost last night and I had to do a little test to see if my little SM [ San Marzano ] toms would endure it and by golly they have in their little little outside greenhouse.

Matron had advised me against trying just yet , when I spoke with her the other day.

I forgot they were out there on the first night but maybe they will become hardy, I cannot afford to leave the whole crop out there, for fear of losing it all.

Little Stu & Nat

Comb Over Sir ?

After all Little Stu & Nat need them for their low carbon impact wedding in April.

I was a bit worried about how the crop will survive when I eventually get away.

The solution seems to be that Stu will pop over every now and then to give the whole lot a mist to keep them damp whilst I am away.

On my own crop front , the redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberry plants are all shooting out little shoots , all apart from one that is , obstinate little bugger is holding out on me, maybe it will come into it’s own later.

Wildflowers from last year have started to push through in the front garden to accompany the herbs that are already in situ, I have added some others that will attract bees and the like, Male Parental insists the front garden should be flowers to welcome people, I’m with Matron on this unless you can eat it, it’s really a waste of time, but with wildflowers and mulch/fertiliser/green compost type plants and the fact they encourage butterflies and bees I’ll break my rules, they have their role to play.

The newly planted little gem lettuce and spinach beet seem to have survived the chill , and seem to be happy in their recycled cloche city , their mini Tokyo.

Some chillies have now come through as well , Jalapeno – Telica & Pimientos de Padrón are all poking through, nothing from Long Slim Cayenne / Cherry Bomb / Big Sun Habanero [ Very hot: 250,000-300,000 scoville units ] or Ring Of Fire just yet but hen again nothing to look forward to if I get them now.

My seedling seem to appreciate their Roof/Window view , so the Aubergine [ Black Beauty ] , Tomatillo and the tomato seedlings seem to have settled in well to their new home and are growing at a steady rate.

I may have to gift some of these or use them for people to raise funds for whatever , it’s just great to grow something.

On a more militant front , I have been annoyed of recent [ what’s new ? ] that the monstrosity that is the new hotel they’re building down the road have now tagged almost 50 trees to cut down.

So I took a leaf [ pardon the pun ] out of some chums and took matters into my own hands and continued with my guerilla gardening stance and planted out 5 new plants in the rear unadopted walkway at the rear of mine, 5 extra redcurrant plants for the birds to harvest on later in the year.

My elderly neighbour chuckled at my idea , but has sworn himself to secrecy , he’s a great help on all tips in gardening , much like matron a seasoned Veteran.

Anyway I have waffled on long enough for now.

Lenny K is still rocking away in the background time for another espresso.

Peace Out.

0945 hrs.

Better start sorting stuff out for my OE today.

2 Responses to “Exceedingly Good Borg”

  1. on 26 Feb 2008 at 8:46 pm Matron

    Hope your tomatoes make it through the next few weeks. Harden them off gently starting in April.

  2. on 28 Feb 2008 at 7:21 pm Porl

    Cheers Matron.

    Thanks for your advice as ever.

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