Before I Leave

For My Friend Jazz.

Oily Girls Is For Nellington Pinkington Esq and Philwil

Thanks to my bro I now have a studio on The IMac so DMG2 was the first one out of the blocks very poor effort but It was to see if and how the interface changed between the Windows version and the Mac DMG version.

Misha Mash Mosh ( teapot Mix ) was added pre attending my farewell drinkie poo’s in Farnham , with The Pink’s & Co.

Cheers guys.

Matron : Chin Up and Smile please my dear.

I see what I can ‘ liberate ‘ for you that’s from Kiwi Land

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  1. on 07 Mar 2009 at 10:01 am Matron

    Bon Voyage mon ami!

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