Cannellini Beans With Sage


Tuscan Dish known as ‘ fagioli all’uccelleti ‘ which means beans made with the little birds way . Because they used to cook wee birds in the pot with them this way.

Try using dried rather than tinned the flavour is far superior.

Soak them overnight and cook them for about 1 hour for greater depth of flavour.

The recipe below uses precooked beans.

Serves 4

Prep & Cook Time 4 minutes

2 x 400g ( 14 oz tins of cannellini beans drained
2 tablespoons olive oil
bay leaf
2 fresh sprigs of thyme or winter savory
10 fresh sage leaves
1 medium sized onion , roughly chopped
3 garlic cloves , finely chopped
75 ml ( 3 fl oz ] dry white wine
salt & pepper

1 table spoon fresh flat leaf parsley , chopped

Put beans in pan with 1 tablespoon olive oil , the bay leaf , thyme and 2 of the sage leaves , cover and warm gently until you need them.

Heat remaining oil and cook onion , gently for 5 minutes , without colouring , add remaining sage leaves and garlic and cook further for 1 minutes. add wine and cook gently for another minute or so .

Add the bean mixture taste for seasoning , cover and cook gently for further 2 minutes..

If necessary add some water to keep the mixture moist.

Serve sprinkled with flat leaf parsley.

Thats’ the posh way to do it , I just chuck my dried beans in overnight , boil up the soaking water and then chuck all the other bits and bobs in and boil for about 1 hour and the cooking liquor is ace , and if it’s not going to be served as a side , I serve it as a soup , using the cooking liquor , seems a shame to waste it after all.

Hope this helps Huge [ Our Man In Mumbai ]

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  1. on 12 Apr 2010 at 4:23 pm Jaime

    Sounds yummy!!!!!! Am planting out a whole variety of edible roots, shoots, leaves, stems, flowers but can’t identify any of them!!!!!!!

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