February 2010

Murray Is Moving House

My chum and Kiting / photgraphy / Xtracycle hippy guru is moving , so for regular readers update you links.

Coffee Waffle is Closed For Business … Murray’s awesome photography can now be found here

That’s all

Travel Soup : Mmmmm : Carrot & Cardamon Soup

Looking through my organic fridges and stored crops , I’m trying to use before I go walkabout I happened across some carrots.

What to do with them , I don’t know .

I fancied something to eat , although I make shed loads I very rarely eat what I make , I’m weird like that.

So invented another way to get good veggies into you.

Carrot & Cardamon Soup

1oz Butter
1 Large Onion [ Finely Chopped ]
3 Garlic Cloves
450g / 1 lb Fresh [ Still squealing from the ground Carrots ] cut into equal sized chunks
1 level tablespoon Flour
850ml / 1 i/2 pints of veggie stock
15g / 1/2 oz Creamed coconut
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice [ I like lime gives it a thai flavour ]
Seeds of 8 Cardamon pods crushed with pestle and mortar
Black Pepper

This blog entry would be quicker except GKB aka Giggling Gertie keeps sending me txt messages.


Melt butter

Cook off onion garlic and carrot gently. for about 5 minutes without colouring.

Add Flour and cook off gently 2 minutes stirring throughout.

Stir in Stock , coconut and lemon/lime juice.

bring to boil simmer gently 15 minutes until carrots are tender.

Cool and then blend until smooth.

Add Cardamon seeds , season to taste whilst adding a twist of black pepper to serve if you are going to serve this hot.

Or now here’s a shocker chill , overnight and serve with some toasted coconut shavings.