Nights Really Satisfies…… not


Three shifts of nights always fills me with such joy , well any shift at work fills me with such joy..not.

I find myself regularly searching the in house job vacancies for something else to stimulate me.

In house politics have made me unable to be a trainer , due to the fact of their draconian sickness ‘ policy’ , because I had two period of sickness [ certified on both instances ] , my ankle injury and my lump removal at the start of the year , mean I am not able to have the course.

This is all down to the number of shifts I was off , the policy was designed to make sure those that took days here and there ‘ to be sick ‘ would be penalised for applying for anything.

The fact that my two genuine unable to work periods of ‘ sickness ‘ took me over the number of shifts, I am now not able to do or apply for anything until next year seems pathetic to say the least and the muppets that implement this are unable to distinguish between mine and the p*** takers , beggars belief, so I’m bored more often than not , uninspired is not even a very descriptive word to ephasize my mind set.

Yet I see some woefully inept people being elevated to becoming supervisors of what I do.

One in particular has the mouth of a sewer and the most annoying whining girlie giggle that more often than not finds me wanting to drive a poleaxe through his numb skull.

I think I’m likely to come up against him in the very near future.

How my small professional team of supervisors can tolerate him on a daily basis is beside me.

All credit to them.

On a lighter note , I found the need to do some essential cycle maintenance today, replacing inner tubes on my Xtracycle, due to the valve going , luckily I checked the commuter cycle and noticed a nice sliced front wheel , which would have been a tad awkward to discover in a couple of hours when I need to transport myself to work.

So a quick phone call to my local longtime cycle dealer, and a new wheel [ which I needed anyway ] tyre and inner tube, carried in the Free Rad’s and both cycles now back on the road again.

I’m sorely tempted to maybe upgrading the Xtracycle to a new lighter frame , disc brake setup , but I’m not in a hurry and it’s not an essential at this moment in time.

Anyway my fence needs completing first before the airshow kicks in and I need to transport all my garden waste down to the recycling plant yet , but this cannot be done until the parentals return from them vacation as they have the car and trailer that will utilised to do this , although I suppose I could hire a van for a day.

I need to measure off and calculate how many panels and poles I will need in order to erect the new fence as well and that’s definitely a two person job.


1535 hrs.

I notice also that Oil prices have hit a record high above $127 a barrel on speculation that China will need to import more fuel, stretching global supplies. Maybe those of you that read this will follow Murray , Mine and ‘The Velorutionaries’ and take up the challenge and get Xtracycling.

It won’t be long now that people wil not be able to afford to even run a car.

1556 hrs.

Loving the new album by Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid.

2 Responses to “Nights Really Satisfies…… not”

  1. on 17 May 2008 at 9:49 am ScubaNinja

    New bike! New Bike! Temptation is always there buying new toys. Rebreather, Underwater scooter etc. mhuuuuuuuu….

  2. on 18 May 2008 at 1:44 am scubagran

    our sentiments exactly!

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