September 2008

Our Man In Mumbai [ And Family ]

Huge finally relocated safe and well , thanks for touching base Mumbai Man

Just treated myself

Having no car and eating no petrol , growing my own stuff and trading my produce has meant I saved a bit of money so it’s nice when you update all your bank accounts and notice that you have a healthy bank balance.

I have been meaning to get a new base station at home my old computer has lasted some ten years and although it works okay, it’s tired and s such has been retired for a while.

So yesterday I was able to treat myself to a new base station desktop computer a new IMac.

I have always admired mac stuff , but never been brave or had the finance to purchase one , so yesterday as a result of my non excessive lifestyle I was able jut to walk into the store and say ” I’ll have one of those , No I won;t be needing any credit thank you ‘

Up and running in under 27 minutes awesome.

It’s going to be a while until I have mastered all the ways around the system, but I’m sure that HKH and the other readers who use Mac’s will be happy that I’ve finally made the transition.

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